The Quadrino Nano Flight Controller with GPS!

The latest Quadrino is 60% smaller yet is a total upgrade of the CPU, sensors, expansion ports and it now comes standard with on-board 50Hz GPS! All this mounted with anti-vibration rubber inside a beautifully designed case for protection.

Available now at the Lynxmotion web site.

Robotshop + Lynxmotion + FlyingEinstein Team Up

We are all very excited to finally tell you that Robotshop & Lynxmotion and Flying Einstein have teamed up to bring you the newest generation of Quadrino - The Quadrino Nano. Although this puppy is small, it packs more power and features than any Quadrino before it!

Read the full press release on PRWeb.

This has been a joint development with the Robotshop and their new Lynxmotion UAV division headed up by none other than Eric Nantel (previously of Dialfonzo-Copter).

"I've known both Lynxmotion and Robotshop from their roots because of my enthusiasm for robotics. Suffice to say I am very excited to work with them and the last few months have been a great experience in designing the Quadrino Nano together. There is much more to come!"

- Colin MacKenzie, CEO FlyingEinstein, LLC

  • ATmega 2560 (256Kb flash @ 16MHz) Processor
  • Compact, six layer PCB design with vibration dampening mounts
  • Invensense MPU9150 sensor chip which includes Gyroscope, Accelerometer & Magnetometer
  • MS5611 Barometer with foam cover
  • Latest Venus838FLPx 50Hz GPS chipset with external antenna (SMA connector)
  • NEMA serial output for OSD (On-screen display)
  • 8 Motor speed controller outputs, 8 Radio inputs and Spektrum port, 5 servo outputs.
  • Two free serial ports (use for SBUS and/or Bluetooth or 3DR radio links), 3x I2C ports
  • 0.96” OLED port on-board

FP Quadrino Quick-Start Guide

See the full Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions. The blue boxes below are hyper-linked to the tutorials.



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  • Start your adventure here! This diagram provides the step-by-step process from receiving your Quadrino to your first flight.
  • The MultiWii Config GUI is where you can do your final flight controller configuration and see the sensors react in real-time. The Firmware Config Tool is the easiest way to get the MultiWii Config GUI. It automatically downloads the correct version matching your Quadrino's firmware
  • Before attempting to fly your multi-rotor copter for the first time you should ensure you have a calibrated ACC sensor. The calibration process is simple and takes only a few seconds.
  • The magnetometer is a digital compass and is used in the MAG and HEADFREE flight features. A properly calibrated MAG will ensure these features work properly. The MAG cannot be calibrated at the factory because the earth magnetic lines vary depending on where you live
  • MultiWii Flight Controllers are capable of many flight modes such as Acrobatic, Auto-level, Altitude Hold and Head Free. By default only Acrobatic mode is activated so unless you are an advanced flyer you will want to start off with a flight mode that is easier
  • Icons are used on the PCB to indicate many features and/or pin signal type or polarity for wiring. These icons make wiring in the field simple even without a manual. Learn these symbols and you will be able to wire a Quadrino in the field
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