Firmware Config Tool

The easiest way to reconfigure and reflash the firmware on your Quadrino board is to use the Firmware Config Tool specifically for the Quadrino product. This easy wizard-like application will lead you through the process while providing lots of documentation on the various options and parameters you have available. When you are done selecting your options this tool will also compile and upload your custom firmware directly to your Quadrino board. It will also install the MultiWiiConf config GUI for you.

Install Quadrino Firmware Config Tool Now

Once you install the tool it will be available anytime in your normal Start | Applications menu under the Quadrino Tools program group along with the MultiWiiConf GUI. Once you have the tool it will also keep itself up to date automatically downloading any newer versions!

 Flashing Firmware from the Source Code

For advanced users and MultiWii developers, using this method you will download the firmware source code for your version and use the Arduino development environment to compile and upload to the Quadrino board. This method is more suited to developers of the MultiWii community. 

It is easy to create an Arduino IDE project directly from the Firmware Tool. Simply configure all your options and then on the Review step click "Open in Arduino" button near the top. The Firmware Tool will download the source code installing it in the appropriate Arduino sketch folder. Your new Arduino project will already be configured with the options you selected from the Firmware Tool. However, if you make changes to the files within the new project you cannot migrate these changes back to the Firmware Tool.

Where did the Dowload links to the Source Code go?

The Firmware Tool now provides both (1) direct customization and programming of firmware and (2) exporting to an Arduino IDE project. It no longer makes sense to create umpteen different source file packages for each MultiWii version and each Quadrino board version. Thus the direct links to firmware packages have been removed. You can also download the source code direct from the google code web site.

Revision History
  1. Added CAMSTAB and related options (in Options | Camera)
  2. Added YAW configuration for Tricopters (in Options | Flight)
  3. User can edit the config.h template externally and call it my-config.h
    • On the Welcome screen | click "Explore Files on Disk..."
    • Enter the configs/{mwii-version} folder and find the existing config.h file
    • Rename config.h to my-config.h so the Firmware Tool will not overwrite the config file again
    • Edit and make desired changes to the file - do not edit anything in {?..} brackets!
  4. Added "Open in Arduino IDE" button to the Review page. Click this and easily open the source code with your config settings in the Arduino IDE and you're ready to click Upload or edit advanced options.
  5. Corrected a bug that caused the GPS option to check (enable) itself.
1.0.18 - 1.0.22
  1. Added Quadrino V3 board
  2. auto updating code space progress bar on certain options?
  3. Sensor drop downs no longer go disabled (gray). This confused some people into thinking the sensor was disabled.
  4. Added A0_A1_PIN_HEX option to Misc.
  1. Fixed compiler error due to mis-configured MAG_DECLINIATION. mis-configuration now defaults value to 0.0 instead of "(!)"
  2. Cleared up arrow hints on serial# page to be more user guiding.
  1. Added MultiWii 2.1 dev version, and implemented the server-based Firmware versioning configuration.
    • Drop down list of firmware choices are downloaded from server configuration file.
    • MultiWiiConf install files are also configured in this file.
  2. Added release notes link when these notes are available
  3. User notification when a new firmware version is available.
  4. Added arrow hints to click LOOKUP after a serial# is entered. Many users entered thier serial number but failed to lookup thier board data. Added a message box on success.
  1. [fix] disabling FAILSAFE no longer causes a compile error.
  2. Outputs code space used after programming.
  3. [server] data in server's tmp dir is now removed after file is downloaded.
  1. Can now automatically detect the Quadrino and select the right COM port.
  2. If the file was too large it would overwrite the bootloader!!! Now performs size check and suggests tips to user.
  3. Warn about OLED & GPS enabled and give a code size warning!
  4. Changed "Install MultiWii Config" button to "Start MultiWii Config" when the program is already downloaded and installed.
  5. Blue stable light didn't work when using the firmware tool. (Caused by define being overwritten in def.h)
  6. Added a warning about changing Serial COM speed and using the Config tool which always defaults to 115200 baud.
  7. Set Review page editor to read-only so editing of options via Review is not assumed. Hopefully we can enable this as a feature at some point in the future.
  8. Added MINCOMMAND option to the ESC page, not to b confused with MINTHROTTLE option. (Some ESCs require a lower MINCOMMAND than the default 1000.)