Your Transmitter

Checking the Radio and Receiver

Open the MultiWii Config GUI to check that your receiver is operational and the ranges of each channel is correct. The GUI shows in the upper right the state of the receiver inputs. If the values are locked on 1500 and don't respond then you should check your wiring and receiver module power as the Quadrino is not getting valid signals. When the Quadrino is plugged into the USB port it will power the receiver module but not the ESCs. Ensure the receiver power is coming from the RADIO header on the Quadrino board.

Channel Polarity

With receiver inputs responding you can check the channel polarity and range. The channel in the GUI should respond the same as the transmitter stick. So if you move the stick left, then the channel in the GUI should respond by going left. Right is right. If the channel in the GUI responds opposite from the transmitter stick then you need to go into your transmitter menu and reverse that channel.

Channel Range

Proper ranges on each channel is very important! There are many command gestures for operating the copter which may not work if any channel does not go lower than 1050 or higher than 1900. This is important!!! Move ROLL, PITCH, THROTTLE and YAW and ensure they travel from less than 1050 to over 1900! Then also confirm that neutral stick position is 1500 for ROLL, PITCH and YAW. You need to set these values in your transmitter if they are off using a combination of Expo or Trim settings. This is the most common cause of the copter not arming (and flying) because the ARM gesture (throttle down, yaw right) isn't recognized due to narrow channel ranges in the transmitter.