EZ-Connect Wiring System

The new EZConnect cabling system makes it easier to wire up your quadcopter by directly connecting to your motor speed controllers and your receiver without any intermediate wiring or soldering necessary.

For most users the EZConnect cable will come fully configured for your setup. For advanced users with special wiring configurations such as hex or octo you may need to make a modification. You can easily unplug and reconfigure the wires in the 3pin housings if necessary.

What to do with those unused wires?

If you have some wires such as the servo pins (S1 and S2) or the buzzer that you dont need you can remove these wires from the plastic molex connector using a small needle, watch screwdriver or pin. You could also simply tuck them inside the copter center plates out of the way. Using a small pin lift the small pastic tab that is locking the wire pin into the connector while pulling gently on the wire.



All signals from the pin headers contained around the slot area are on the EZ-Connect connectors (MOTORS, RADIO, BATT and BUZZER). The I2C and serial signals are not but remain available through the pin headers. I2C is not commonly used but is available for sensor expansion and we commonly refer to I2C as the "sensor bus".